Friday, June 4, 2010

To Take or Not To Take?

Well, things are winding up on this end, and I am frantically trying to remember all that I need to take care of and do prior to lift off to Bolivia!  Packing what you need for a very hot climate and a lot of manual labor with a 30 pound luggage limit is a challenge, but I think I have it figured out now.   I told the team that I may be wearing the same T shirt for two weeks because my little plug in  fan has to go with me!! Took me several packs, repacks and weigh-ins to get my suitcase to the allowable limit.   You can get pretty inventive when it comes to making things count and do double duty.  Among the most important, my new camera and Blackberry.  Got to be able to take lots of photographs and email while I'm away!

I'm sure there will be many things I will miss while in Bolivia, but I suspect I will miss my girls the most.  I miss them already!  Now that's just between us, because I wouldn't want my family and friends to feel slighted, but you dog lovers will understand where I'm coming from :-)

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amarea said...

That picture is ridiculously cute!!! You still need to meet Miley!