Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bolivia Adventures

Not much to report today - as I've been saying to the team all week, everything is just another shade of warm!  Another really hot day out there, and everyone is feeling the effects, not that it stops them from working on any way.  Crystal and I however, came back to the hotel early because we weren't being that much good to them anyway.  

I just slept for two hours - guess I was more tired than I thought.  At least I feel like I can think now.  I learned that when they were laying the beams across the boat to lay the floor on, that they put a two inch "crown" in the center so that it would be raised up enough in the middle for the water to run off.  I guess they must do that with the mattresses in the beds as well, because not only is my bed as hard as the dining room table, it has a "crown" in the middle as well, so that I feel like I'm sleeping on the top of a mountain when I'm laying there.  I am SO looking forward to a good sleep in my own bed, with my puppy dogs of course.  I hope they haven't forgotten me!  I realized today that we have been here a week.  The time has flown by.

Gustavo took us to the home of another lady from the church who runs a bakery.  Turns out SHE was the one who baked my birthday cake on Sunday.  We were warmly greeted by her husband who does not attend the church, as well as her sister and her husband who shared the meal with us.  We sat outside and waited in the warm, moist evening air, and after a while they started bringing the food to us on trays.  We couldn't believe the amount of food they gave us, and it was all so delicious.  They had made a type of lasagna that was made with a white sauce, there were fried bananas, roasted meat, chicken that had a sauce on it that reminded me of honey garlic chicken at home, and rice.  We ate it all and most of us had seconds.  
Then the lady gave some of us some cake from her bakery - of course you know that I couldn't be rude and not try it!  Gus and the pastor talked for a long time afterwards to the lady's husband and family.  I could understand most of what they were saying.  I like sitting there listening to them speak Spanish because I feel like I am soaking it in through osmosis.  Gus told Mark today that even though it was hard for the team to sit there and listen to a conversation they could not understand, that this was the first opportunity for the pastor to meet this woman's husband, and it was an opportunity for him to make a connection.  Today I was questioning a bit why I am here because I don't feel that I can contribute a lot when they are working on the boat, but the Lord reminded me of what Gus had said, and He reminded me that there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that just our presence here has opened doors for.  That was enough for me.

I miss and appreciate you all back at home, and am counting the days and mintues until I'll be home again - not long now!

Con mucho amor,

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Bren said...

You know your family and the girlies can't wait to have you home again. Looking forward to a good story telling session with pictures!

Lov you sis