Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dog's Christmas

Christmas at the farm was overall, quite wonderful.  Lots of hands to hold, cuddle and feed us treats.  I was in heaven.  Here I am with Lyvia and Grace, isn't it special that we share the same name?

Cousin Milo remained as annoying as ever!  It seems all he has to do is coming running up to someone and he’s won them over.  I don’t know what these people of mine see in him -  I mean he’s squat, his tail drags on the ground because of his unimpressive height, and he never stops chewing at my leg or ear, wanting to me to run and play.  Why he looks like a flapping mop when he runs, and these humans of mine just gush over him.  Disgusting.  I, on the other hand, am a quiet, lap dog of the first order. Bailey seemed to enjoy the constant rousting and running with him, which is fine by me, and for that reason I expect I can tolerate having him visit us by times.  Cousin Rumba is my favourite, but don't tell anyone, Mom says it's not polite to show favouritism.  I couldn't find a nice picture of him in photos from  Aunt Liv's iphone, but trust me he is a fine looking gentleman.  If we weren't family I'd make him my boyfriend ;-)

One of Mom’s sisters, Debbie, gave Bailey and I these fun little red "blinky" things for when we go on our daily walks.  I’m told it keeps us safe by allowing cars to see us.  Very helpful.  Though I do look quite stylish in my coat, and it does keep me warmer, I still don’t care for it.  My sister Bailey, well, she fights Mom getting it on and then acts like one of those, “fainting goats" and keels over once it’s on.  Getting ready for our walks is quite an ordeal, and wouldn’t you know it, someone added to it by getting Bailey and I those stupid booties for our paws.  I can tell you right now we intend to put up a fight!

Overall it was truly a very special time, and I adore Mom's family; they are quite wonderful to us and seem to enjoy having us about.  We four cousins agree, our peoples are some of the best, and we are so happy to have a family now.

Hope everyone got to enjoy their family as much as we did ours this Christmas!


Olivia and I bonded right away, don't we look cute :-)

Oh this is cousin Milo and his Mom, Doreen and Daddy, Paul.  He's one spoiled puppy if you ask me...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for Christmas

Well the girls and I are anticipating going home for Christmas.  It will be their first Christmas with the family, including cousins Milo and Rhumba.  I'm hoping that the four puppies don't completely overwhelm my poor Mom!

We do have a great time together as a family and I love being with my sister's their families and our Mom.  My sister, Brenda feels the same way :-)

Have a wonderful, fun filled Christmas everyone!