Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Iguana Story As Promised...

So we are busy working away on the boat one afternoon when one of the Bolivian boatbuilders who is working about 3 feet away from us calls me over and tells me to bring my camera with me.  I made my way very cautiously around to other side of the boat, not exactly sure what I was going to see.  When I saw Mr. Iguana I was relieved that he wasn't a snake, but slightly grossed out at the size of this lizard.  I start snapping pictures and then Felix starts pointing at the branch on the ground next to the iguana...apparently he had been on that branch in the tree about 30 feet above us, and the branch broke causing him to land at the boatbuilders feet!

I told the team that if that iguana had landed about 3 feet over into our boat, you would have seen tools, water bottles, and a team of 9 Canadians come straight up out of a boat in ten seconds flat!!!  Thanks for dropping by Mr. Iguana!

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