Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smells & Sounds of Spring

I went home to Springfield for an extra long weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful.  I've been extremely busy at work lately, and it was so great to totally get away for a few days and forget about everything.

The weather was incredible - it felt like the middle of the summer, which is unheard of for this time of the year.  I got in some delicious early morning walks with the dogs, and listened to the sweet sound of the friendly little birds, and could smell the fragrance of apple blossoms in the air.  The soft sounds and smells of Spring were being released from winter's icy grip.

I took a few shots with my new camera, but am still trying to figure everything out, so received less than stellar results - it doesn't help when you're trying to hold two schnauzers with one hand and take a
picture with the other!  (Special thanks to my sister Bem, who works her magic on my pictures in iphoto.)

My family had an early birthday celebration for me, which included lobster (yum!) as I will be in Bolivia for my birthday in June.  I have the best family in the world, and my mother is the coolest 85 year old you will ever meet.  We all enjoy each other's company so much, and I am thankful for every one of them.


Frances said...

Hi Kel .... I'm so glad you had such a refreshing visit "home". Gathering together with sisters and moms is just the best thing ever, isn't it? How wonderful that you had such nice weather, too. After a long winter, the days of Spring and Summer are so very good for the heart. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of the flowers. It's all I can do these days to put down my camera because there are so many gorgeous flowers everywhere I go. And I know people get tired of seeing photos of flowers after awhile. I know you are looking forward to your trip to Bolivia. It sounds very exciting. Let me take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of birthdays. Two of my sisters are celebrating birthdays in June, too. What a special month! Hugs to you ...

P.S. Thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog.

Bren said...

Well sis you take some awesome shots even with the dogs :-) I just love looking at these and remembering

Bonnie said...

Oh Happy Birthday!! :) What kind of camera did you get? I think your pictures turned out beautifully and extra bonus points for taking them with the dogs in tow. I've been there before and it is never easy... yup... poor camera has suffered something awful. hehehe

I'm so glad you got to enjoy some family "therapy." I always feel better after visiting with family. Mmmm lobster sounds so yummy!! I can't wait to see pictures from Bolivia!

Alright, it's late and I need to sleep. Hope you have a lovely day!