Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dogs Everywhere!

This is my baby girl, or "Little Mouse" as I call her. She's as quiet as a mouse, and I haven't heard her bark once. But the little mouse can roar when she needs to - every night when we get into bed she snuggles right up beside me and gives me this earnest look as if to say "You're not going to give away my spot are you?" and if Bailey gets too close, or too rambunctious on the bed, Gracie will snap at her and put her
right in her place!

Bailey is Gracie's friend, whom my friend Dianne rescued at the same time. Bailey is staying with us for a while until Dianne is able to take her - Dianne has two little puppy dogs at home right now, and is very busy with their care. Dogs, dogs everywhere!

My sister Doreen and her husband Paul came to visit on my first weekend home with the puppies - they have a 13 year old Cockerpoo named "Rumba" who wasn't quite sure what to make of all these new puppy dogs around!
We had 3 adults and 3 dogs in my little one bedroom apartment. Good times!

Gracie with my brother-in-law Paul. He has managed to win the heart of yet another woman in the Graham family. What kind of power does this man have???

The girls are a couple of couch potatoes, and love to chill on the couch and watch TV all day long while mummy is away at work. House training has been a bit of an issue, but mummy has come home from work for the last three days with no messes to clean up, which makes her very happy!!! Now if we could just get that down to a science for the rest of the time....As you can see in the pic, I had to move the coffee table because Bailey likes to run around on top of it when I'm not looking!

They both LOVE sleeping in the big bed with me, and when it comes bed time, Bailey sits in the bathroom doorway and howls at me as if to say "Are you ever going to be finished in there?" I can't let them in the bedroom by themselves because Bailey likes to steal my shoes and pee on the carpet. Such an unruly houseguest, but so cute!!! When we get in bed they snuggle up one on each side of me - Bailey stretched out full length with her head in my neck, and Gracie curled up into a little ball. I feel like a hot dog (no pun intended) sandwiched in between them, but I've actually been having some of the best sleeps I've ever had since I've gotten them - not sure if it's from exhaustion or contentment!

I hope I haven't bored everyone with all the inane details about my new babies. I'm acting just like a new mom! Something that all you dog lovers (ahem, Wendy) will totally understand!

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