Sunday, June 28, 2009

Between You, Me And The Fence Post

Wendy invited the girls and I (well, I don't know if she really invited the girls, but I took them anyway!) to join she and Aiden for barqued hotdogs and hamburgers on Saturday night for supper, so I packed them up with all of their paraphanalia, including a a long cable that I use to tether them when they are outside. I decided to attach the cable around one of the boards on the brand new fence that Wendy's landlord built, and we fired up the BBQ.

Wendy's grandson Aiden was having fun playing with the girls, and at one point he ran by me with them in tow, and I thought to myself "Gee, that cable really stretches a long way," until I looked down and saw the board from the fence going by my feet being dragged behind Bailey! They pulled the board right off the fence! And then they had the nerve to crawl through the hole in the fence that they had created! For some reason it was harder to get them back through the hole than it was for them to go through it in the first place. Some law of physics or something I guess. I would have taken a picture of the runaway board, but I was too busy trying to catch the dogs!

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Bren said...

Kel, it's just like you to have one hilarious moment after another. I can just see the fence post bobbing along behind the dogs!