Friday, June 12, 2009

Liquid Sunshine

I always take the girls for a nice long walk when I get home from work on a walking trail that is just down the road from where I live. They love to stretch their legs after being inside all day, and I love it because they take care of all their "business" while we are out!

Well, we didn't have much luck last night because we got about half way down the road and the heavens opened. The poor girls didn't know what to do - I don't think they'd ever seen rain before! (Maybe it doesn't rain in Arkansas where they are from???) They were jumping and hopping around, trying to get out of it, and Gracie was shivering so bad I finally picked her up and stuffed her inside my coat. We all looked like drowned rats when we got home! I dried them off with a towel, and wrapped them up in a big blanket and we were none the worse for wear! Welcome to the Maritimes!

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