Saturday, July 7, 2007

Spirit To Spirit

I realize I'm kind've jumping around a bit with my blog entries, but I just have to share this story with you: We went out yesterday afternoon and did a feeding program where we gave out sandwiches & drinks to the people who are working at the dump (that was an eye opener, and nose opener, let me tell you!) and then when we came back to the church I spent a couple of hours just reading and talking to the Lord. I was just thinking about going to change and get ready for the evening bible study at the church (if you ever want a challenge, try studying the book "Love Languages for Singles" with a group of people in Spanish!) when an older lady came in from the street and said "I have been sick, and I heard that this is the church where they pray for people to get healed."

Another lady from the church and I took her aside and the lady explained that she has had this skin condition where her clothes feel like they are burning her skin. She said the doctors could find no explanation for it. Even while we were talking, I felt the power of God come over me, and I felt that He was showing me that she was being oppressed by a demon; that this was not just a medical condition. We began to pray for her, and again I felt the power of God come over me and my hands begin to burn. I let the other lady pray in Spanish, and I just prayed along with her without a translator. After we were done, the lady sat and talked to the lady from the church for a long time. I was not able to catch very much of what she was saying, but I really felt that God had done something for her.

Well, today the lady came back to the church again and she said that she was feeling much better, but that she still felt a little uncomfortable and that the condition was not completely gone. She wanted to know if we would pray for her again. We agreed, and again I felt that same burning power going through me when we prayed. Sometimes it's a little difficult, because I can only pray in a limited way in Spanish, and then I pray in English for them, but I know that they can't understand what I am saying. But I just prayed that God would touch her and do whatever He needed to do.

After we were done praying the lady sat there for a while, and then she asked Absalom (the young guy from the church who prayed as well) if someone had come in the room and walked in front of her while we were praying. He said "No, we are the only two people here in the church right now." She said "I felt someone and saw a shadow pass in front of me when you were praying. I believe it was Jesus." She also told him that both times that I put my hands on her and prayed that she could feel heat coming from them and that it soothed her. She is planning on coming back to see Pastor Juan tomorrow, and would like to start coming to some of the church meetings. Incredible!!

This causes me to ask the question, are our prayers more powerful if they can be understood by the person being prayed for or not? Maybe understanding helps, but maybe sometimes we need to just get out of the way, bypass the mind, and let Jesus minister directly to their spirit. Something to think about that's for sure.

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