Tuesday, July 3, 2007

God Will Find A Way

I realized that I did not give a final update on the trip that our guys made to the Huichol Indian village when we were up in the mountains. Four of the guys from our team made a very dangerous trip to a Huichol village that they wanted to contact, that took two days of hiking through the mountains to get there and back.

We were all very relieved to see them come walking out of the trees on the day they were to return, looking very sunburnt, lame and a little ragged around the edges, but still intact, thank the Lord! They had some very interesting stories to tell us, starting with the fact that they were the first white men ever to go to this particular village! I'm sure the people were shocked when they saw them coming down from the mountains! They immediately began to seek out the chief or governor of the village to bring their greetings, and to seek permission to hold a meeting, which they received.

They had a meeting in the middle of the village and were able to share the gospel and tell the people why they had come. Some the Tepehuan Indians that had gone along as guides were able to share as well. This was a first time occurrence for this village.

There was one Christian family in this village, and they invited the team to stay at their house for the night. The wife is a teacher in the village, and she was ecstactic to have visitors to come and stay in her home, and to know that they were Christians as well. The guys had to sleep on the ground in this hut with scorpions and snakes outstide. (I would not be doing much sleeping I can tell you that!)

But the really neat thing that happened was that the Christian lady that they stayed with told them that two years before Lorenzo (the Mexican missionary in the mountains) had come to their village to bring them gifts from Samaritans Purse. One of the gifts that this lady received had a letter in it from a lady in Texas, written in English. She had never been able to understand what was written in this letter, and after two years the guys from our team were able to translate it for her, and she in turn wrote a letter back to this lady that we have translated and will send to her. How incredible is that? God saw that letter in a little Huichol village and provided a way for it to be translated and communicated back. How encouraging that must have been for that Huichol lady, and imagine the surprise of the lady in Texas when she receives a reply back to her letter from two years ago!

Lorenzo and the team are hoping that they will be able to establish regular contact with this village, and to eventually be able to build a church there. I am sure that God will make a way for it to happen.

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