Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let It Rain!

Tuesday, July 10th (I think!)

I've been having a lot of problems with my throat lately, so I wasn't feeling too well today. I spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment that I've been staying in before I leave tomorrow. I came down to the church late this afternoon, and it was very quiet here so I spent a while writing in my journal.

After a while I heard the doorbell beep and I looked up and it was the same lady that we had prayed for the other day. She was back, and this time she brought a friend with her. She explained that her friend has been suffering from a lot of anxiety and has not been able to sleep. She told her how much better she has been feeling since we prayed for her, and encouraged her friend to come and get prayed for.

Absalom and I took the ladies into the other room and got two chairs for them to sit down in. I began to pray for the lady, and I felt such a surge of power go through me that it almost scared me. We prayed for her for awhile, and then I felt such a flood of peace go through me that I knew that God's peace was flowing directly into her. I've seen how the water runs down the streets here when it rains, and I just prayed to God that I would be a channel, and that His peace would run through me just like the rain runs through the streets here.

I felt such peace as I prayed for her, and I just took my time and let the Lord minister to her. After a while Absalom and I looked at both of the ladies, and I swear it looked like they went to sleep! The peace in the room was tangible! After a while, the lady who brought her friend told her to get up, and I thought it was because they had to leave, but no, it was because she wanted to sit in the chair and get prayed for! She explained that she had injured her back a few years ago, and has had many problems since then. So much so that she could hardly walk. I put my hand on her back and I could literally feel the Lord working on her. I've never experienced anything like it.

Again, the lady said that she felt like Jesus was right in the room when we prayed, and she encouraged her friend to get prayed for for the problem she was having with her leg. So they switched places and we prayed again, same thing! I don't think I have ever seen such faith in people. No wonder they received from the Lord. They just believe, and they just ask, and God touches them. It's incredible! They told Pastor Juan that they will be back on Sunday to church!

You never know when an opportunity is going to come up for you to minister the love of God to someone. You may be doing your job, you may be cleaning your apartment, you may be sitting quietly doing something, thinking that nothing is going on, when all the while God is working behind the scenes, preparing hearts and drawing people to Him. All we have to do is be available.

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