Saturday, May 25, 2013

Timeless Treasures

It's funny how you grow up with things, looking at them day after day, and never really notice them at all. The wooden silverware chest sat on top of the china cabinet for all of my growing up years, opened only on those rare occasions, like when "special" company came, and of course, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. The "fruit" bowl was a permanent fixture on top of the silverware chest as well, containing over the years a varying assortment of ephemera; important papers, report cards, pill bottles, spools of thread and yarn. The knitting needles were a constant as well, especially in the winter, when they were likely to be attached to the latest pair of mittens, socks or a hat that was being created. "Make sure you don't pull the needles out!" was a common refrain around our household.

Not once as a child do I ever remember stopping to look at the colour or the grain of the wood in that cabinet or that chest, and the bowl was just a glass bowl with pictures of fruit on it, filled always with something that overshadowed the delicate colours and artistry. Never did I consider the hardy, handcrafted array of accessories that I wore as anything to be cherished for its artisanship and quality that is coveted by many today.

I grew up surrounded by simple treasures, and in time my eyes were opened to their beauty and value, proving just how timeless they really are.

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Karin Lynn said...

Too busy in our youth....age happens....our eyes come aware of what we took for granted....the good thing is....WE DID BECOME AWARE...fabrics of of up bringing....