Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life's in the Close Ups

Just spent the long weekend at the family farm.  The girls and I had so much fun roaming about the property, taking photographs of the things that caught my eye.  Things that I saw every day as a child, but never noticed the way I notice them now.

Later, Bem came over and we played on her iMac; cutting and cropping.  We got lost in the images that my camera had captured, especially the close ups.  I was trying to capture something when I took the pictures, but couldn't quite "see" what I wanted to see.  It wasn't until we sat down at the computer and started to concentrate on individual portions of the pictures that my vision sprang to life.

So much of life's greatest moments are lived out in the close ups.  Those times when you are head to head, heart to heart with another and the connection flows.  When you see, really see, the importance of the little things, the things that might not occupy much of your time, but add fullness to your inner world.  I think sometimes we look at people and situations from the big picture perspective, and we have the urge to just move on because we are not  seeing what we want to see.  Maybe we need to take a moment to look a little closer, listen a little longer, and we may be surprised at what is revealed as it comes into focus.
Maybe it's time to pay closer attention to the things that fill us with wonder, joy and fulfillment..

Here's to all our 'close ups' that give life it's true value.


Bren said...

Darn your good! Good with the words and with the close ups :-) What fun collaborating with you and seeing your vision come to life. Waiting till the next time we get to go head to head, heart to heart Sis!

lynda Howells said...

b eautiful images. I so love Mother NJature.x lynda
hope you have time to look and enjoyxx

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Glorious images! They make my heart sing!