Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pictures Of Me by Mike!

Okay, ran into a hitch with sharing my pictures.  As my camera downloaded them to my computer they automatically deteted them from the camera, which normally wouldn't matter except I need to share them with my family this weekend. Plus I've been asked to do a slideshow of them at work tomorrow.  So, I'll wait until after the weekend to begin to share some with all of you.

But for now, Mike Lowe has shared his from the trip on Facebook, so I've selected some to add to previous posts and show you a few of 'me' considering all of mine are of everything else but me :-)
Talk about your tight squeeze!

Taking care of those itchy bug bites, I was plastered in them!  The bugs like Canadians :-)

Lunch break, need to keep up the energy!

Be sure to check out previous posts for photos of  the actual things, places that I've blogged about.

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