Thursday, July 8, 2010

More From Mike

Just a few more pictures of me taken by Mike Lowe.  I'll be glad when I can show you some of the shots I took of this amazing trip and add a story or two.  Going home to visit my family for the weekend, hot days in the shade of the sun porch and Mum's great cook'n, what more can you ask for?  Well, probably lots, but I'm happy at the thought of home for now :-)

That's me on the end, fork to mouth :-)

I had to laugh at this shot.  I'm not in a lot of pictures because I was doing this, taking pictures!


and walking....

and walking, open markets lined the streets...

and walking, along with the usual meal of chicken following us home! Though the food was excellent, I've had enough chicken to do me for awhile; and definitely no more slippery eggs!

Check out the room of skulls I blogged about in

Live from Lima Peru

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