Sunday, July 12, 2009

I went to my favorite fish & chip place in Hubbards for supper, and the dogs were barking so much when I got out of the car that the man at the takeout gave me some treats to give to them. I went to a little park to eat, and I tried to tie the girls' leashes to the picnic table; I couldn't lift the table to fasten their leashes to the table leg, but there was a cable on it, so I tied them to that. I was enjoying my supper and the beautiful scenery, when all of a sudden, the girls spotted this huge german shepherd dog and made a beeline straight for him. Well, it was the fence post story all over again - I watched them take off across the park, and their leashes were tied together alright, but just not tied to the table! I took off running after them, and thankfully he was a very friendly dog, and enjoyed having a couple little play toys to have fun with for a few minutes. At one point he was laying down and Bailey was making a big commotion over him, and he just took one big paw and put it on the top of her head and smooshed her head onto the ground. It was too funny! I managed to get them back to the table, and this time I hooked the leashes on my arm and proceeded to finish my fish & french fries, which were now getting cold. Next thing I know, I feel a yank on my arm because a group of retired couples had come over to look at "the cute little dogs." Bailey and Gracie were thrilled, and even posed for some pictures that one of the gentlemen wanted to take.

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Bren said...

Oh man I remember that Fish n Chip truck. You, Ree & I had spent the day at the beach and finished off with the best fish n chips. Again Kel, love how you can spin a story, the funniest things keep happening to you!