Friday, June 22, 2007

The Thunder Roars

Wednesday, June 13th:

Well, it's been an interesting morning so far - we had pancakes on the menu for breakfast - pancakes have always been a problem up here, but when you have to make pancakes for 40 people it's even more of a problem! Kelly (from Houston) started out trying to make them on tortilla pans, which did not work at all. Then we switched to the two big frying pans they have, but we couldn't get them to heat evenly over the propane burners. I told them we had used small frying pans before, so I started to look for them, and when I finally found them, they hadn't been used in so long they were rusted! So, we switched to using one big frying pan on the big propane burner we had, and we immediately ran out of propane! Sammy brought another tank and hooked it up, and we started out again only to discover that the new propane tank was empty! The prospects for pancakes were looking dim, but the guys decided to go outside and build a fire to cook them over, but they had no wood, so they went to gather some, but the wood was all wet because of the huge thunderstorm that we had last night! I just heard that they did finally get the fire going, so I'll have to go see how these pancakes are going to turn out! We definitely ain't in Canada anymore!

I just have to say this about the thunderstorm - that you really haven't experienced one until you've experienced one at 10,000 feet up in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico! We are so high up that you are actually in the thunderstorm when it goes through. The thunder is so loud and right on top of you that it sounds like canons going off. And the lightning is constant, and lights up the whole sky when it flashes. I was so glad that we were safe inside the big building this time (we were in the cabins before - Tim says that the wind has actually moved them before!) And with no electricity, there were no TV's or appliances to blow up! I kept thinking about the guys who had hiked over to the Huichol village sleeping out in this, and about the hundreds of Indians who live throughout these mountains who have no homes whatsoever, who sleep in caves, or under trees and beside rocks. It rains so hard I don't know how you'd ever get away from it.

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Suzanne said...

Wow Kellie...what an experience. All I can say is when you get back home those piddly thunderstorms we have here will seem like nothing from now on! Actually I'm envious...I love thunderstorms and I bet it was awesome.

I've been reading some of your blogs..just came across them as I didn't know you had your own blog. God is doing great things! You are awesome Kellie and I admire you for taking the step of faith you did to go on this missions trip. God is going to pour out His blessings upon you mightily, I believe, because you have given your life to Him and been obedient to His voice by doing what He has called you to do at this time in your life. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

Many, many blessings and favor upon you!