Friday, June 22, 2007

God's Touch

Thursday, June 14th:

I've been sitting up here this morning doing a little birdwatching. They have the most beautiful birds here. I saw a red one in one of the trees, and I kept praying that it would come closer, until it finally flew into the tree right in front of me. And my friend the eagle has been soaring around out there too. I'm actually going to miss sitting out here on the side of this mountain everyday. I was thinking that there are probably only a few hundred people that have ever been able to come here and experience this. It makes me realize how privileged I am.

We went and did an outreach in the town of Canoas yesterday. It is supposedly the capital for the Tepehuans that the Mexican government built, and although they do now have electricity, when you drive down into the little town, the homes are all these little buildings built out of planks, with a doorway, and one little opening cut out for a window, with no glass of course.

The people were already gathered and waiting for us, and Lorenzo's team began to sing some songs and do dramas etc. I walked around and took few discreet pictures, and then I went and sat down next to an older Tepehuan lady who was sitting along the front of one of the buildings. I spoke to her and introduced myself, and then I asked her who the little girl was that was with her. She looked to be about a year old.

The lady explained that this was her granddaughter, and that she had been sick lately and was not eating. I said to the lady that I would pray for her, and she immediately picked the little girl up and sat her over next to me. I explained to the lady that I was going to pray in English, but that God would hear me.

When I placed my hand on the little girl, it immediately began to burn, and I prayed against the sickness in her body, and I spoke the healing of Jesus over her. I commanded satan to leave her body and her life. A little while later, the lady began to tell me that she was having toruble with pain in her shoulder and across her chest. I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her, and she immediately agreed. I placed one hand on her back and the other on her chest where the pain was. This time the feeling was even more intense, and my hand began to burn and shake. I knew that something incredible was being released into her life. I commanded satan to leave her alone. I began to pray in both Spanish and English, and then I just prayed in tongues because the feeling was so intense. The lady took her shawl and put it over her head and began to cry. I was very touched by this because the Tepehuan people do not cry very often in public. I hope that I will be able to see her when we go up again in July so that I can hear about the incredible things God has done in her life.

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