Monday, July 16, 2012

Abstracts In Nature

I decided I would take the dogs out early for a walk on Saturday morning, before it got too warm.  Unfortunately it was MUCH warmer than I had anticipated, which eventually resulted in a migraine...but I digress.  My sister Brenda, who is an abstract artist, has been asking me to send her some of my more abstract pictures so she can get a few ideas for her work (not that she needs them,) so anyway, Bem, here's a few "abstracts" that I took before the heat got to me!

Oh, and is this one abstract enough for you - I think most people would call it out of focus, but you artists can rescue anything!


Bren said...

These are great sis! Wonderful shots and I'll be adding them to my ideas folder. How you managed to get them with two dogs on leashes is beyond me, well done!

Crystal Cook said...

Those are really fantastic shots. You have a great eye for edgy compositions. Very cool. :)) Stopped by from Bren's blog. *waves* It's nice to 'meet' you!!

Leovi said...

Very interesting, I like those abstract in nature, excellent. Greetings.