Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Maps

I wanted to share one of the comments that I received from Kel xfacta.blogspot.com on my previous post "Scavenger Hunting."  I felt as if God spoke directly to me when I read what she wrote:

     "Road maps are great aren't they, showing the end destination, so we know exactly where we'll end up as we take each turn on the road.  When I saw these photos, this popped into my head, "follow the sound of the waves..."
     Isn't it true that when one sense is taken away from us, we gain extra strength in our others?   You may not be able to see the end of the beach, but if you follow the sound of the waves swooshing on the shoreline you will eventually reach the end of the stony section of your path."

I happened to glance through an old Artful Blogging magazine yesterday and I read these words by Kelly Letky (interesting that we all have the same name)  www.thebluemuse.com

     "It's hard to know if you are on the right path, moving in the right direction, doing the right thing.  I move in circles a lot, pondering this question, wondering.  Of course, there is no answer, you can't know the answer until you get where you are going, and then it is too late to ask the question.
     Along the way we make a million choices, each one a pebble in our path, some round and pretty, some jagged, sharp, occasionally painful.  But each one is ours, we claim them with every step we take, whether on tiptoes with trepidation, or running full steam ahead, hair streaming out behind us.  Choices, always, choices.  This or that, there or there, today or tomorrow.
     Nobody has a map of life.  No one knows exactly where they will end up.  But along the way, don't forget to watch where you are doing.  You might just see the most beautiful thing."

I think I'm getting a message here.  And I think I'd better listen...



Bren said...

Good golly, talk about driving a point home, it does seem you are being given a message, and I'd call that a pretty good signpost! Love this post Sis! And it seems the 'Kels' are a creative bunch, smart too!

Kel said...

how cool to receive some strong synchronistic signs to guide you on your journey