Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spring Has Arrived!

Yes, I know, it's the middle of June, but Spring has taken a long time to get here!  I went out to photograph some lupins that are growing nearby, and there was too much of a breeze to get any real clear close ups, but a couple of friends did drop by....


Kel said...

that little lady bug is a cutie

Bren said...

great shots Kel, they make a great series. love seeing your visitors up close too.

Jennifer Richardson said...

hey Kel,
thanks for dropping in;
nice to come by and find
lupines! I remember them
SO fondly from our trip to
Maine a few summers ago.
I just fell in love with them.
Ours bloomed out months ago
and not nearly as hardy and
massed and brilliant as those.
Great share....thanks.
And for your kind words...big thanks!
So glad you came by:)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love the photo with the ladybug and also the bumble bee. Your critters are bigger and different to the ones we have in Australia.