Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Power

"Nostalgia is powerful, and images that harness that nostalgia are among the most compelling and universal images."    David duChemin, Within The Frame

I can hardly wait to get my favourite green house so I can flood my deck with God's beautiful flowers!  In the meantime I'll keep myself happy by looking at photos I took from last years arrangements :-)  It's not quite flower planting time here in Nova Scotia, we are still having some pretty chilly weather,  we'll get there though!

Thought I'd try a simple antiquing filter for the second shot.


Frances said...

Oh, the flowers are just beautiful, Kel. And I love the antiquing effect. In this area where I live, they say you shouldn't plant flowers until Mother's Day. That's almost upon us, so I may be playing in the dirt soon. Although I must confess that each year, it gets harder and harder for this body to get down and play in the dirt because it involves having to get back up again and the knees rebel! Sigh. I join you in looking forward to what this season is going to bring forth in the form of lovely flowers. Blessings to you ....

Bren said...

Hey sis you know I'm your # 1 fan. Can't wait to see the new shots you'll take this spring and summer :-)