Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Thing

These are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas - this is Tyler, my great-nephew, and this is his first school picture which my sister, Brenda, turned into a Christmas ornament.  Every year we go next door on Christmas morning to my sister Debbie's house where Tyler lives with his mom & dad, and every year I think back to that first Christmas when Tyler came home as a very sick little baby, whom the doctors did not expect to live into the new year. 

It's a long story, but Tyler was born with some very serious medical problems, one of which necessitated heart surgery at two months old.  We were all very scared that first Christmas, and there were many prayers that were offered on his behalf.  I am thrilled to say that Tyler defied every odd that was against him, and has astonished the medical world and ours.  He is now five years old and is going to public school.  We serve a healing, incredible, miraculous God, and I am reminded of that every single Christmas morning.

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Bren said...

Oh Kel, this is...perfection, just like our little man Ty.