Saturday, September 27, 2008

Remember The Maginot Line

“Remember The Maginot Line”. This is what the Lord said to me a couple of weeks ago when I was at the front of the church during our worship service. I hadn’t thought about the Maginot Line for years, but I knew exactly what He was talking about the moment that He said it to me.

“The Maginot Line” was a defense system that the government of France had built along its’ border with Germany, because after WWI they were determined that their country would never be invaded again by Germany. They erected a series of fortresses, walls, and bunkers, stretching all the way along the border and ending at the alpine forests where the mountains began. These fortresses were manned with French soldiers who stood guard at all times. The line was named after a famous French general, Andre Maginot.

As the Second World War started, the world watched as Hitler and his armies first invaded Poland, and Czechoslovakia, and then set their determined sights on France. The French people were assured that their country remained secure because the Germans would never get past the impenetrable wall of the “Maginot Line.” They could sleep at night because there were soldiers standing watch at all times. What they did not take into account was that Germany had planes that could fly over the Maginot Line, and they had tanks that they were able to maneuver through the thick pine forests, and up the steep inclines of the mountains beyond the end of the line. Within a matter of hours and days they had broken through the famous Maginot Line, and very quickly made their way to Paris.

The German Nazis used a battle technique called “blitzkrieg”, which operated on three basis foundations – the elements of speed, surprise and confusion. They would move in with great speed with their planes and very agile tanks, seemingly coming from nowhere, and cause such confusion and panic among the civilian people, that the defending armies were practically powerless to defend themselves because they were unable to operate around or through the fleeing masses of people.

Do you have areas in your life that are not so much areas where the devil attacks you, but that are more like immovable walls that are built up before you, and regardless of the amount of prayer or what strategy you use against them, you just can’t seem to get past them or around them? Do you ever hear things go through your mind like “You’ve been in debt for years, and you always will be.” Or “You’ve struggled with this problem/relationship forever; nothing is going to change.” Or even “You have been praying for that unsaved person for years, and no prayer or no word that you say is going to make any difference.” Massive, imposing, unmovable walls that you keep coming up against time after time, and no amount of praying, or reasoning, or strategizing has seemed to change anything.

When the Lord spoke those words to me that day, He told me to spread my wings and get ready to fly. We need to remind ourselves that even though the enemy may have built up incredible walls against us, the Lord, in an instant, can cause us to fly over those walls or go around them in ways that the enemy never imagined. He can cause such confusion among the devil and his demons that they will be unable to fight against us. Prayers that have seemingly gone unanswered for years will suddenly break through.

So, if you are facing some seemingly immovable walls that the enemy has built up against you in your life…just remember “The Maginot Line.”

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Islandgirl said...

Thanks Kelley. That was a great word and I will remember it. Soaring on eagles Cathy